All the previous mods demand some correct way of metering the car parameters, so let’s install new gauges to tell us what is happening inside our engine..
I decided to install three gauges:

  • Oil Pressure.
  • Turbo Pressure.
  • Oil Temperature.

I found some mounting hardware for a Golf V that suited me fine, it’s from 42, it’s exactly 1 DIN and fits nicely over the radio.

I’ve mounted the dials and cabled them with a fast connector for easy would-be removal. Also some fuses are fitted (with electrical equipment, everything should always be fused and protected).

Detail of the fitting, already prepared with cabling and pressure tubing.

The cables have been routed through the ECU cabling pass-thru to the oil sensors in the oil filter sandwich, the cables have also been additionally protected with plastic sheathing.

The pressure tube for the turbo gauge is also a rugged model to withstand heat and wear.

When finished, Silkaflex will be used to plug effectively the opening to prevent water and dirt to enter.

Below you can see (almost) a detail of the T piece used for the pressure gauge connection.

Here the gauges once installed.

The display has also been match-painted in black so all would look stock. The original colour was grey.

Here below the oil filter sandwich used, the mounting is 1/8 NPT, conical, so pretty much a good way to prevent leaking.

You can see that it has four available ports, although we will use only two, the big one is the pressure sender and the mall one the temperature sender.
All by Speedparts, including the gauges, as they have the same look and feel as the original instrument panel, and the same green colour.

The sandwich is prepared with two additional ports for an oil cooler, although this SAAB already has its own, so we will plug them.