One day, a pore appeared out of nowhere in the head gasket, not very nice Mr. Pore!!

So, we took the engine apart to begin a series of operations, as seen below.

The engine had suffered some sludge when it was younger, so we took the head down, and exchange it for a new one that had remade valve seats, etc..

Also a complete check on clearance and possible oil starving issues was done, all checked with satisfactory results, no damage at all, the block was like new and the cylinders were like new.

The head was anyway replaced, as we had another one that was rebuilt to the highest standards.

You can see below the old head with a lot of carbon build up, it ran somewhat rich when it had the GT17 turbo fitted, now with the TD04 we have better combustion and mileage.

As the engine was already open, we also changed the whole timing and balance kit, all new parts.

Once this done, we changed our old and cracked engine mounts by..

these nice setups made by Nick Taliaferro from GenuineSAAB in the U.S of A.

Nick has done it again!!

Here below once installed...No engine movement whatsoever, vibes only at idle.

As the car was previously lowered, we also used this opportunity to install some washers under the stock rear engine mount, this makes the transmission to come back to a more horizontal position, and as less stress is given, so longer life is obtained..If not, as they are left at an angle when you lower the car, they wear earlier.

Got these special washers (very thick and measured right) from Speedparts Sweden.