Sludge, that dreaded word. What does it really mean?

It really is a combination of poor quality oil, due to the recirculation of engine fumes with carbon buildup and cooking of oil, all together make the perfect recipe for sludge, a slimy residue that with time blocks oil passages and oil-starve parts of your engine, causing catastrophic conditions.

In our SAAB’s part of the issues manifest themselves primarily in the sump pump pickup screen, see here below. After some time I decided to take the sump down and inspect the engine sump and all related oil parts. Lucky I did, I was already suffering from sludge, you can see it blocking the screen. (Thanks to Porsche-SAAB in Crta. de Burgos for the shitty maintenance) after this, I decided to use only 100% synth oil and do more to control this from happening, also I did get away from Porsche SAAB, the maintenance is now MINE!!

I didn’t like what I was seeing and reading, reason being that, to comply with stringent emissions control, all auto makers are putting more and more systems to lower emissions, one of these systems is to recirculate the fumes from the top engine to again enter to the sump area and to the be burnt again...

So, what better solution than to install an oil catch can to prevent buildup to reenter the engine oil?
€ 50,00 got me a nice quality catch can, same as used in race cars.
If it ever fills up (it’s been a few years and it’s only like 1/2” of residue down there, just drain it and go.

One of the big issues as I said earlier is the Saab vent kit, that wasn’t very well designed, and wasn’t good for your engine. Saab produced a total of 6 different versions of the vent kit for the 93 and 95, and the last one is the winner!

Edition 6 was installed for € 60,00 and off we go.


If you want to know more about it,
here and here you have more interesting and detailed articles.

Another small job that can lengthen your engine life, is changing the screen mesh of the sump by a larger holed one, while retaining the protection for the oil pump..

We will here change the original SAAB 30 mesh (30 holes per inch) for a 20 mesh one (20 holes per inch).

Below you can see the difference, on the right the stock Saab one in 30 mesh, and on the left the new exchanged one in 20 mesh.

With this mod we make sure the engine retains correct oil pressure and prevent sludge build-up in the screen mesh, thus getting better engine lubrication.

Step 1: Take down the sump.

Step 2: Take apart the sump filter.

Step 3: Clean thoroughly the sump and all caked parts, they should shine.

Step 4: With a screwdriver lift the edge over the screen, do it slowly, sometimes the use of a Dremel is advisable to eliminate residues of solder from the old screen edge.

Step 5: Remove and clean the part.

Step 6: Mark as shown the new screen, I used a piece of paper to imprint the correct size and then translate it to the actual screen.

Step 7: Once the screen is cut to size, position it and bend the edge back in its place, again slowly and evenly, we will also use our fingers to bend the screen downward a little so it sits similarly to the original one. No solder is needed, as it will sit surely just by bending the edges over it.

It gets its original concave shape as we work it.

And last, put it all together in reverse procedure (don’t forget the green O-ring in the oil tube pick up).
We have to check that the sump edge and engine edge are free of oil and super clean and dry, use Saab anaerobic sealant to seal the sump to the engine block.

You will see your oil pressure building up and being higher than before...good news for your engine, many more miles ahead...