It’s widely known that these Saabs come a little short in braking power, maybe exception made of the 93 Viggen model that mounts, similar to the 95 Aero, 308 mm ventilated discs.

So, I decided to investigate what could be done about it.

I did some trial and error, discs, brake pads, etc..(it’s too easy just to spend € 2,500.00 on a Brembo kit, and another € 2,500.00 minimum in new alloys).

As a first step I installed EBC Turbo discs and Redstuff brake pads, even cheaper than the original ones.
Easy install and some benefits, better braking, although you also get a funny whizzing sound each time you apply brake pressure thanks to the slots and dimples..

Below you can see how they look.

Bought in EBC España, they’re located in Fuengirola, Malaga, you can order on-line and pay with Paypal.

Steel braided brake lines were added in search for a better pedal feel. It got rid of the spongy feeling for € 70,00, easy to install, just remember to press the pedal while changing them, it keeps the ABS valves closed and no air gets into the circuit.

The discs have again been changed, this time the turn was for the EBC Multimax, less noisy and good braking performance, I’ve left the Redstuff pads on, these discs are less prone to warping and noise, I believe.

Also some new Redstuff pads were mounted in the rear axle.

As the results from the experiments were not very conclusive, I purchased a kit to reuse my brakes with a bigger disc, much like the 93 Viggen and the 95 Aero (same SAAB parts, as a matter of fact).

The effect is outstanding, the best spent money in braking solutions up to now. Now I can stop the car..

A better wheel look also, it fills the rims better. :-)

Ferodo DS2500 pads are essential to good braking, these are the best ever!!

In this road of braking upgrades, it’s the turn now to address the equilibrium of braking. This Saab is getting it’s braking power at 80/90% from the front end, with two perceived issues, lack of braking power and uneven braking in curves.

So now I’ve purchased, again from Nick Taliaferro, from GenuineSaab, the new 300 mm ventilated rear brakes, original issue for the 95 Aero.
The kit comprises the two 300 mm ventilated discs, pads, floating calipers and steel braided brake lines.

As you can see, bigger calipers..

And good quality steel braided lines..also by Taliaferro.

Don’t they look great on?

Results? Braking is ON!!, great balance, the car brakes flat and is very powerful when hard braking in turns, this is getting fun...