First step, accepting the car is like a sea-boat, it moves everywhere, much too soft in all fronts, so, let’s begin to do something about it.

Let’s begin with an eibach Pro Kit of shorter and harder springs, they lower the car by about 3 cms.

This has taken the car to a new and better category, lower, stiffer, good mod, although the rear end of the car is still going on its own, so I changed the rear stabilizer bar by the one designed by Nick Taliaferro from
GenuineSaab, this one bought in England, in Elkparts (cheaper freight), it is 22 mm thick, 3 mm more than the stock 19 mm, also the steel alloy is different and stronger.

Easy operation, no need to fuss around, just bolt on. The result was exhilarating, roundabouts and curves were now fun and the car easily controllable.

This is a 6 legged creature, the front subframe brace, this one by Speedparts.

Ideal for 93’s and an absolute need for convertibles, I chose this model because Rogasanz from Madrid was going to install it (no elevator at home) not bad quality, but it comes without all the fittings, so I had to lose a few hours looking for the missing parts.

Also, some of the legs did not fit properly, after some bending and cursing we managed to fit it on, but really, get this model from Sophie Deeley, better quality, all in the kit..etc...Plus it’s stainless steel, not like mine (painted it though) Sophie has her own eBay store: (

Once this mod installed, the difference in a convertible is astounding, you feel the front tighter, and less wobble and torque steer, now the car begins to handle like a Saab, curves have a solid feel to them, the car feels like a sports car now.

The next and natural step was to purchase new shocks, by Bilstein of course, got rid of my Red Koni’s...No need for ricers here..

The Bilstein’s B8 Sprint, made for lowered cars were chosen, they are progressive, thanks to the double damping effect, although they feel hard, they are the toughest you can put in a convertible, go harder and the chassis and your teeth would begin to rattle.

Let’s mount the steering rack brace by Genuine Saab, another great design by Nick, this one is specific for lowered cars, the standard braces you find in the market ( are ok for normal cars, but will rub against the steering rod in lowered cars.

Results? Less torque steer, like 50% less, also when turning and accelerating, the steering does not feel like it’s going to jump from your hands.

Another great improvement.

The steering rack on the driver side was also changed to a PowerFlex one, it was hard to change due its location and one semi-hidden nut to remove...The old one was brittle and dry..

Another Taliaferro good, bushings for the steering rod ends, you can see the rubber ones are already failing in this below picture, a breeze to change, they poped out straight away and were replaced by these beauties.

An here below, once installed and coated with copper grease.

We’re going to change all bushings by poly ones, harder and firmer, we select Powerflex and GenuineSaab.

Nbr. 6 is already changed, in the previous steering mod.

We change all bushings with PowerFlex, except nbr. 3, from Nick Taliaferro (GenuineSaab), I did like his approach to get rid of the clunky front end, and also reinforce it with a clever piece of kit.
This new poly bush includes a huge bolt and nut combination to tighten fully one arm to the other, nice and tight feel in the road, no more clunks in the bumps.
Just to show you the approach, the new bolt is tightened at 140Nm instead of the 92Nm of the stock one.

So, we take down the sub-chassis.

We take all apart and clean the suspension arms that are going to be reused, after of course, getting rid of the old rubber bushes and use the new PowerFlex ones.

Using the press to get these soft rubber inserts from our new arm links, beware of bouncing inserts !!

Here below you can see the suspension armss already mounted and greased.

So, sub-chassis ready to be bolted on, we’ve used copper grease liberally on the bolts, to prevent corrosion and assure a proper torque.

Bolts on, don’t forget to check all around before tightening, and do not forget the washers on the back bolts !!

We then clean and put both transmissions on.

Detail of the new arm and the big GenuineSaab bushing and bolt combo.

Nbr. 2 bushing detail, lot’s of stress here, let’s see if it endures the passage of time..

Powerflex for the rear axle too, now the curves are true, a big difference in roundabouts!

New wheels and tires.

SAAB’s ALU34 (same as the Viggen) 17" and 7'5" wide.

Yet another mod from Nick’s factory (I better ask for a discount from now on..)
This is the new strut brace, Nick has made another quality part, you can easily see the quality differences from the stock Saab one.

You can see the crappy soldering job of the stock brace, and the flimsiness of the design.

Looks like the soldering points are not even well done, the fragile construction of this element is not able to deliver the robustness needed to keep the chassis from flexing.

Easy enough install, take off the old one, position the new one, hand tighten all bolts and nuts...

Make the ends sit correctly on the bolts, sometimes the use of a wheel jack under the car is needed to make the chassis flex and get the nuts in with no fight. I used four 13 mm sockets to prevent shifting of the bolts inside the receptacles, if they’re not centered right you can’t get your socket in!!

A good tightening once it’s seated correctly and Voila !!

Again, the difference is huge, the car is beginning to feel like it goes on tracks, at high speed (180 plus) the car is absolutely true and straight, turns are more precise. Another great buy from Nick.

After some time, I’ve decided to evaluate the new Michelin Pilot Sport 3’s, on size 225/45-17, I found them at an unbeatable price in and decided to try them out.

After 10.000 Kms, I think:


  • The grip in dry is outstanding.
  • The grip in wet roads is very, very good.
  • Silent, not noisy.
  • Hard sidewall, great in curves and uneven roads..


  • The front ones get beaten after 10.000 - 15.000 Kms, the back ones are like new, must be the 310HP all in the front axle..:-0


I liked them so much I got fresh new ones on the front axle again, I love these tires...