The Garrett turbo is dying, replacement time has come, and we will make the best out of it. Its replacement is a brand new Mitsubishi TD04 15T#5 , the same model used for the 93 Viggen and 95 Aero, together with a complete tune that will be done to get to Stage 5 by Maptun.

¡¡ 280HP & 450NM !!

Water and oil lines are also changed for custom ones.

Also installing a bigger intake pipe (Cobra pipe) from a 2006 95 Aero, not even the Viggen gets this pipe that eliminates all the issues around the restriction in the turbo’s intake. At € 80.00, it competes satisfactorily with the best aftermarket models in terms of performance.

It’s also time to move and change the clutch assembly, so a Viggen unit is installed (holds up to 450Nm),we also did a little clean up of the gearbox, new seals, etc..

Reality strikes!! The real dyno measures of this tune by Fredrik went up to 300HP & 450Nm!! Smooth and powerful!!

This has been the first dyno, no ECU adaptation and not very cool ambient temperatures, the feeling is strong and powerful, no silly driving, this is beginning to be some beast.

Last dyno, now well tuned and adjusted...Ooompff acceleration, hold your steering....Go!!

Another “minor” change, the turbo blew up, thanks to a (big) crack in the silicon tube from the compressor side of the turbo to the pressure control valve...(N95)

Here you can see what’s left of the turbo, the turbine shaft is broken and the turbine is hanging down and the chamber is full of burnt oil..Not a pretty sight !!

And the new TD04, quite a difference..

Here’s a “headshot” of our new friend...

And our new dyno..

So, it is almost 310 HP with 434 Nm of torque, a fun car to drive. Fun to see Porsche owners look at you in disbelief when I pass them with my stock Saab.