I was hungry to get some more performances from the car, now that the previous results have been so good.

So after meeting with Maptun, and long talks and mails having been exchanged with Fredrik “Maptun” Bengtsson, “we” decided to go for a Stage 3,

240HP and 380Nm

Fredrik is a great guy, a great engineer, very knowledgeable and always ready to give a hand. Thank you Fredrik.

Someday, I envision a trip to Sweden in my Saab....

A view of the very clean engine....

With the power increase, the standard wastegate actuator is no good, it produces flaws and irregularities, so let’s go for the best:
The Forge Motorsport wastegate actuator for Garrett GT1725. The adjustment is laborious but easy enough, just need a good pressure gauge and time to cool off the turbo!!

So, last dyno shows 238HP and 400Nm, still some way to go into adjusting things, but it looks promising..and fun!!

As the oil sump is so prone to heat and oil cooking, due to the proximity of the CAT (just under it) apart from the usual heat plate in the CAT, we installed
this product, adhesive heat shield, good results, I have to say.

Today I fitted this high tech oil filter, it has a metal mesh, pressure relief valve, very good, US made. 100% of the oil goes through it, unlike the stock ones that basically only filter at idle or low rpm’s. This one filters down to 5 microns, this also means, as a downside, that we have to take it apart every week to monitor filter build up, at least until we get rid of all impurities..

Since the Viggen stock intercooler is not sufficient to handle the job properly, I decided to buy an eBay intercooler that seemed to match the dimensions needed.

It’s bigger than stock, which is 56 x 15 x 6 cms for the Viggen model, while this one is 55 x 18 by 6,6 cms, around a 30% better in size. We’ll see if this holds true also in the performance department.

It installs without much hassle, although we have had to bend quite some the two 90º silicon hoses for them to fit properly.

No pictures of the installation, but here, the same IC installed in a Finnish 93.

Installed and tried, what a difference does this make, holds better the boost at high RPM’s, holds boost longer also..great improvement.

So after seeing the gains with the eBay IC, I decided to go for the real thing. I sold the eBay IC to a friend, and went shopping around..JZW from saabcentral.com helped me in getting an ETS, the biggest IC you can put in a 93 without mods to frame or other strange rice things. He also got me a good price.

The ETS is huge, below some pictures compared to the stock Viggen one, that by the way is 50% plastic.
Another good option is the Forge Motorsport / Maptun one, only Maptun sells it, but it’s of extraordinary quality, although a little smaller than the ETS and also a little more expensive.

Brutal change, almost a perfect fit, although we had to bend the crash bar a little, hammer in hand, to prevent the IC rubbing against it.

As I said, it’s huge: 23.5 x 8 x 3.5 inches or 60 x 20 x 9 cms, no space left for anything else.

The result is even more astounding, it’s a different car, boost holds forever and ever...and even in July and August (we get up to 40ºC here in Madrid) no loss is felt.. Great buy !!

You can see below a dyno once it’s been perfectly tuned. 245 Cv & 425Nm amazing with just a simple Garrett GT1725.