The first thing done after a month driving the car was to tune to a Stage 1 with a new ECU from UK supplier Superchips (

This resulted in 211HP and 333Nm of torque, a great change, better suited for passing cars in the roads, as this model also has quite long gears, and this is just what I needed.

Air filter change, paper for a K&N, only because of its price and longevity it turns out to be a bargain compared to the stock paper one.
K&N € 80,00 / Stock: € 50,00.

A few changes were also made to have better night vision, incorporating the optional fog lights. Also good quality halogen bulbs went on.

Due to the sludge problems always threatening these engines, 100% synthetic oil is now used and changed every 10,000/15,000 Kms. In this case, Mobil 1 0W40.

With these mods, the car began to feel (although only the beginning of a list of mods) way better, so time for the next step.

A full 3” JT exhaust with Sports CAT, this monster was a challenge to install, as the parts are so big you need two or three persons to help, it’s quite difficult to handle and align properly, anyway, we had to cut 3” off the tailpipe connection so it did not stick out of the bumper (unlawful in Spain).

The downpipe/CAT is all welded and is in good quality stainless steel, the rest is good quality steel. The end tailpipe is 4” wide and pure stainless steel...

The car sound is completely different, there’s more torque and high end now, very fun to drive!!

It was ordered with two silencers, no rice here...

As said, the car gained on acceleration and torque.

As the exhaust was less restrictive than the stock one (600 pascals better flow, over 60% better than the stock exhaust), it was time to go about restrictions in the intake side.

After a lot of reading and debating over the T-7 system and the MAF, the JT cold induction (or direct) was selected, bought in elkparts ( Much better response to throttle and more high end, but the ricer sound was tremendous, the recirculating valve sounded as a ricer blow off.

So, it was sold and back to the original box and the K&N filter.

To further decrease air restriction on the intake, the “resonator” box was removed. Just a piece of hardware so you don’t hear the intake (although in a convertible, it’s overkill)

Fitted a Forge Motorsport recirculation valve in substitution of the original plastic Bosch, the Forge, a FMVDS007P model, is the only way to go if you tune your engine and want zero issues from the recirculation valve.