The long shifts and the time required to shift made me look around for a Short Shifter Kit, Platonoff, some Swedish company, all evaluated and eventually I decided to go ahead with good old Nick Taliaferro’s SS Kit for the 93.

It reduces 1/3 of the throw, which means an average 30% of speed increase when shifting (at the same speed I do it today), the idea is not shifting faster, but more effectively. With this SS you cannot (should not) shift much faster, as the SS will do a good job for you, if you change gears too fast the selector will be damaged and you will hear your gearbox grinding and telling you it’s not happy. The trick is shifting as you usually do, you’ll find a 30% improvement without changing your driving habits.

Here you can see the new SS by GenuineSaab and Nick Taliaferro, good craftsmanship, very well built.
The ball bearing looks like a quality one, the construction is solid, the welds highly professional. Top quality as always from Nick.
I like the detail of having a grease nipple to eventually grease the bearing..nice touch...

Complete kit, with stopper, bolts, etc...

A quality shot for a quality part..

Let’s work on it! First take apart the center console, remove all bolts and the old shift assembly, don’t throw anything away, you may need it back.

With the proposed cut-out, mark and cut so the new shifter fits nicely in the receptacle.

Install the bolts (head down, nuts up) slide them and ensure the fit.

Make sure the grease fitting is facing towards the front of the car, put the nuts on and finger tighten.

The delicate part, no hurry, make sure the bolts bite the lower part, don’t over-tight it !!

Tighten slowly, not too much, remember the Short Shifter is stronger than the base..

And this is how it should look once properly installed.

In this view you see how it looks from below, don’t forget the white plastic piece!!

What do I think of it? When it’s ready and complete, I’ll post my impressions and feelings about this radical approach.