Base car is a 2002 93 S.
You can see here its original look, although some changes have already happened, the Alpine radio change and the armrest in black.

Changed the leather steering wheel by a new and original wood and leather one to match the original wood, and also changed the car door handles for the chromed ones.

A welcome change, the sliding armrest in beige, thank you Javitxu.

New instrument, with a turbo gauge, this one comes from a 95Aero in Sweden.

New and shiny wooden handles, SAAB original series...thanks Nicole from SaabCentral!!

Elegant and exact to the rest of the wood trim on the car.

It’s that time at last to install the gauges I had in the garage since some time back, these come from Speedparts in Sweden.

I selected oil pressure, oil temperature and turbo boost, these are the basic parameters any car maker should have installed as base.

You can follow the process to install these in a 93, some mods are necessary.

The SID frame has to come out and the lower plastic part removed (in some cases this plastic part may be a cup holder) This is what prevents the space to be a true double din.

Here you can see the opening already prepared, the SID metal frame is already free of the plastic tab, the radio is positioned and the cables are already laid with their fast connectors. Also the pressure tubing is ready.

Connect and check fitting.

The SID2 has been taken completely apart and painted in textured black to mimic the rest of the fascia, this is the gauge panel and the radio panel, both finished in black. The original grey color did not match at all.

Integration looks good, it doesn’t look like a cheap add-on.

The green and red match the instrument gauge, maybe a tad too bright, I’ll lower it later with a small resistor in line.

And of course, my iPod in the glove compartment....I need my music...

After installing the Alpine radio and the amplifier, I was missing some bass boost, so I decided to go ahead with a small powered subwoofer.
The issue in a convertible is duo-fold, the trunk is too far away and isolated for a sub to be heard, and the space in the cabin is tight.

This is what I got, bought in eBay for € 80,00 in perfect shape.

The best (and only I would say) to place the sub is under one of the two front seats. It will go under the driver, as it is sure it will be the one to hear it the most (me).
As space is tight, I had to modify the the air duct under the seat.

All cabling goes under the seat and through the central console.

Although at first I thought the placement would impair somewhat the footing space of the rear passenger, it looks like this is not so, even my feet got in with no issues and could not feel the sub there.

The sub’s remote was installed under the armrest, will not be very used as I got subwoofer control directly in the radio panel, but, at least here it fits and looks professional.

The cable was shortened to only 1 meter and an 8 mm drill used to pass the cable through.

Sound-wise, it’s amazing how the change is felt, richer bass, clearer meds and highs, the MB Quart filters work beautifully and cut frequencies to the right speakers now.

Front Speakers: MB Quart 6’5” + 1/2” Component, adjustable crossover filters by MBQuart.
Rear Speakers: MB Quart 6’5” Coaxial (Tweeter 1/2”) with passive crossover filter.

The new Alpine CDE113BT, with bluetooth.

Alpine KTP445 amplifier (45W RMS x 4)

Pioneer Subwoofer TS-WX11A (150w)