I decided to change body color, but remain original. SAAB’s Cosmic Blue Mica (264) was an option in this model year.

First days in the shop

The front grille was sandblasted and painted in the same body color, You can tell I don’t like chrome very much..
This is the only “tuning” touch the car has that deviates its looks from the original thing..I had to personalize it a little...:-))

In a month the spoilers will be bought and painted, unless I find the Viggen/Aero body kit first...

Looks better, still missing the front and back lip spoilers..

Spoilers installed.... ;-)

Next, I believe I’ll paint the door openers, and the black plastic protectors in the sides.

Below with the lowered suspension, and the new Viggen alloys (ALU34). Also a welcome change was the exhaust pipe, this one looks better
and looks less ricer. It’s all in style now..

So, painted the door protectors and bumpers..Love Blue!!