Hi stranger...

This site is about one of my passions, and also my only (known) vice, My 2002 SAAB 93 convertible.

These pages are for those that appreciate this brand and model, that want to know what mods are available, and more so, the result of applying them, or maybe it’s a site I hope you’ll enjoy just by clicking thru the various pages and sections, whichever it is, enjoy and have fun.

Almost everything is self-taught, learnt by browsing books, blogs and numerous Saab sites around the world. The use of the Haynes manual, the Saab EPC, EAC and the WIS helped me a lot to understand the nooks and crannies of this particular model. I have chosen to “upgrade” and tune my Saab but in a “sleeper” way, no rice here, I just want better handling, more power to enjoy sporty driving, and leave aesthetics as close to the original thing as possible.

Saab is a widely known aircraft maker, both military and civil aircraft still come out of their Swedish factories. Saab was also the first auto maker to incorporate turbos in their engines, and are still far ahead of many auto makers in respect to electronic engine and turbo management, some of their developments are unique and very effective.
Like the knock sensor system using the plugs to get that data, and so many others..

Maybe their most sought after model in the 900/93 series (GM era) was the sports Viggen, name taken from one of their aggressive combat fighters (below), that had big market acceptance and although not many units were produced, today enthusiasts around the world recognize it as one of the key Saabs around.

So, this is the story of my Saab.

I hope you like this site, contact me here if you want to exchange experiences, questions and/or your comments.

Thank you,